ITZEN Architects Inc.


Kinetic Screens


The challenge was how do we separate the open, glass walled executive offices from the “break room” while keeping the plan open? It is not a huge office suite, however there’s no need to make it feel smaller than it actually is by creating division of space with a solid wall.

So naturally, we started with a solid wall and poked some holes in it. But the permanence still felt too small, too mundane even. But if you just remove the wall, financial advisors and their clients stare right into a kitchen break room.

The design solution, open air screens. And while we’re at it, let’s go kinetic and allow them to rotate on pivots installed in the floor and ceiling. Why? Why not.

The details:
SCREEN: We design a custom pattern. Worked with Cole at AZ MFG Inc to laser cut sheets of steel with a welded bar stock frame. Powder coat and then install on pivots.


KITCHEN: A high end, show piece kitchen that you wouldn’t mind seeing right through the screens.

These are the things that make us smile. Unexpected moments. A client may walk in and not realize the screens move with just the flick of a wrist until their second, third or tenth time into the office. Each time they may even notice the screens appear to be in a different position than the last time they were updating their financial portfolio. But when they do, they smile too.

Project: Itzen Wealth Management

William Itzen